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Procedure for UK Certificate Attestation

United Kingdom officially known as the UK, a country highly developed country and economically rich country which prosperous day by day. UK is a paradise of opportunities residents and immigrants who lives in the UK. On behalf of their contributions, performances and request UK government officially grants various kinds of documents to certify or prove something. UK certificates have a great value whole over the world, but to apply those certificates outside the country we should take the intended countries authentication. Those authentication procedures commonly known as Attestation and Apostille. These are two legal verification process which will give more priority to your document in the destination country. Attestation and Apostille are certifications and it same in its functions and usages, but it differs on the basis of issuing country. The Apostille is needed only in Hague convention countries.

Some important types of certificates are listed below

  • Educational certificates: In the UK it granted to students after the successful completion of study or particular education.
  • Non educational certificates: UK government issue this type of certificate to prove a fact or information, which includes certain types of certificates like birth certificate, migration certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, etc..
  • Commercial certificates: UK government provides this kind of certificate to enhance the International trade and business. It used to fulfill our financial needs.

The embassy or consulate of the intended country will give authentication for your certificate. They will grant certificate authentication with their official seal or signature. Procedures will help the destination country’s officials to make sure that the custodian of records carries the original document. The embassy procedure have a certain validity, but it depends upon the issuing country and types of certificates. These legalization process will increase the trustworthiness of your document. Certificate documentation will help the applicants to achieve their personal and professional needs like to obtain a job, to achieve higher study, to get resident visa, etc.. These are the main purposes of certification and which increases the importance of the document. We the genius group a customer centric company and we will provide assistance in obtaining a certification from the concerned embassy or consulate. Provide wings to your dreams and which will help to chase your needs and wants.