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United Arab Emirates simply known as UAE, it is a federation of seven states. UAE government issues a certification to its resident peoples who are planning to relocate into another country is called a UAE Police Clearance Certificate. PCC is a certification which will provide identity to the person. PCC is commonly known as in so many synonym terms like good contact certificate, good citizen certificate, judicial record extracts, etc.. The UAE police department is the responsible authority of issuing a UAE PCC but before giving that certification they will verify all the past activities regarding the applicant. But if the applicant done any illegal activities in the country which led to the involvement of UAE police he/she is not eligible for the PCC. It is an integral document which proves that if the person is a good or bad. It is an essential need for every international communication. UAE government issues PCC for its resident peoples who stayed in the country at least six months. There are so many documents required for applying a UAE PCC.

Documents required for applying a police clearance certificate in the UAE are..

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport copy
  • Passport Size photo
  • Fingerprint (if needed)

UAE PCC helps the resident people to catch their opportunities from other country. It will help the person to reach their destiny without other complications. PCC helps the applicant to catch our personal and professional needs easily. PCC is an essential need in every international communication.

Some general purposes of obtaining UAE PCC are given below

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc..
  • For business purposes

If a person settled in the UAE, and now he/she is planning to relocate in another country for obtaining some needs, for that he has to submit a UAE PCC in the destination country. PCC is a legal document, which specifies that the person have no criminal background, through your PCC other country is happy to accept the immigrant person in their country.