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SSLC Certificate Attestation

SSLC certificate attestation, a kind of educational certificate attestation. SSLC is an abbreviation of Secondory School Leaving Certificate,it is the first and the basic qualification of every Indian citizen. Indian government is the mandatory authority of issuing SSLC certificate and which is given to students to certify that the student 10 th board exam conducted by the Indian government. SSLC certificate is a school record which contains all information regarding your high school performance and every state have its own authority to issue SSLC certificate. SSLC certificate contains all personal and academic details regarding the student like name, age, religion, address, marks that obtained, name of the school, year of study, etc.. Certificate attestation provides authenticity to your SSLC certificate in the destination country. Attestation acts as a bridge between you and your destination country. In simple, attestation is a verification process in which a designated authority will give authenticity to your SSLC certificate through this process.

SSLC certificate attestation has many purposes such as…

  • For visa purposes
  • For employment purpose
  • For school admission purposes
  • For higher educational purposes, etc..
  • If you are planning to go in aborad, to obtain a visa from the destination country you should take SSLC certificate attestation from the destination country’s embassy which is present in your home country. Attestation will provide more trustworthiness to your documents once you got an attestation your document become applicable anywhere in the destination country. Attestation is a legalization process, which will make your document legally eligible. SSLC certificate attestation have a certain validity, but it is based on the intended country where the certificate holder plans to go. Attestation is a certification and in this present world, every country strictly requires this certification to know that the custodian of records carries the original document. It is a necessary requirement for every abroad relations.