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Saudi Police Clearance Certificate

Saudi Police clearance certificate is an authoritative certificate issued by the Saudi government to establish that the candidate has not carried out any illegal offense or harmful wrongdoing upon the individual as well as against national intrigue. Police Clearance Certificate is the underwriting of your past doing or actions and the result relies upon your past role. Police Clearance Certificate plays an important role in developing all international communication. By this certification, the Saudi government checks the nature of the applicant. If the applicant is included in any criminal activities in Saudi territory which led to the involvement of its police force, it will not avail of receiving a PCC from the Saudi government. In general, PCC is a precondition for achieving many needs.

Saudi police clearance certificate is issued by the Saudi government to an individual who has lived in Saudi for over two years with a resident visa. Before giving Saudi PCC the concerned police authority will check all past the activities to guarantee that the candidate won't participate in any criminal operations that prompted the participation of the Saudi police power. At the hour of inquiry, if the police experts found that candidate has any unlawful foundations like arrest, conviction, court systems, they would not admit this Saudi PCC to the candidate.To obtain a Saudi PCC, the candidate should present all the required documents at the concerned office.

Documents needed applying for Saudi PCC:

  • Saudi ID.
  • 2 Passport Size photograph.
  • Passport copy.

If a person desires to go to a foreign country and he has already lived in Saudi for more than 2 years, to get a destination counties visa he has to present a Saudi PCC to show that he has no criminal background in Saudi. In Saudi, the PCC will be given just after the critical evaluation method. The police clearance certificate is acknowledged as a result of your past activities. If any law of Saudi has been disrupted by the applicant, then he/she is not suitable for a Saudi police clearance certificate.

Saudi PCC has a prominent value in every country, and it is a real document. If the Saudi police authority will notice that a person commits any illegal activities in the country, the government will not provide PCC to that person. The main aim of obtaining a Saudi police clearance certificate is to show that the person is not harmful to the destination country. PCC is a significant term utilized in every field of universal correspondence. If one individual submits any criminal operations in Saudi, he has no right to get Saudi PCC.