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Saudi Embassy Attestation

Saudi is officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the most prosperous and flourishing countries in the world. Saudi government requires attestation procedures for all documents which issue from another country and it can increase the trustworthiness of the certificate. Saudi Embassy, which present in your home country is the supreme authority of granting this attestation. The embassy officials give legal verification with their official seal or signature, which will append to the certificate. Embassy attestation may impart to any type of documents, through an attestation your certificates become acceptable for applicable anywhere in Saudi.

Saudi embassy attestation signifies a gateway to Saudi, it will help the emigrants to satisfy their needs and wants from Saudi. Saudi Embassy attestation is a legalization process, in which a mandatory authority will verify you and issue authentication with their official seal or signature. This verification process is a new dimension to check the reality of the certificate and helps to know the keeper of records carries the original document.

Some common purposes of Embassy attestation for Saudi are:

  • • To obtain a job in Saudi
  • • For migration purposes
  • • For higher study purposes/li>
  • • To start a business in Saudi
  • • For obtaining a residence visa in Saudi

Documents required for Saudi embassy attestation:

  • Original offer letter attested by chamber of commerce & ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Email ID of the candidate.
  • Mobile number of the candidate.
  • Colour Photo.
  • Passport Xerox copy with address page.
  • College name & address with phone number.
  • Mark list copy.
  • Transfer certificate copy or any college ID.
  • PAN or Aadhar card copy.
  • Visa number & Sponsor ID, Saudi company Mail ID.

As per Saudi Culture, the new rule needs chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) from Saudi is Compulsory in Bona-fide letter.Attestation will help to prove that the owner of documents brings the original document and its genuine. The Saudi embassy attestation will attest to educational documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents. It is a part of security that guarantees the Saudi government of your trustworthiness. By attestation, we can show that our certificates are authenticated and genuine. The validity of the attestation will rely on the issuing authority. Embassy Attestation for Saudi help to catch your needs easily and it also ensures the safety of your certificates.

Processes required for applying a Saudi embassy attestation:

  • HRD.
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation.
  • Saudi Embassy attestation

If any individual wishes to go to Saudi for a job or education his documents should be attested by the Saudi embassy attestation. Without authentication from the embassy, it is very difficult to get your visa approved. The procedures for the Saudi embassy attestation relies on the home country. Getting a seal and signature from the Saudi embassy on your certificates determines that the documents have been verified by the Saudi embassy and is authentic. In Saudi with the unattested documents is illegal and it is punishable by law. Once you got an attestation from the Saudi embassy you can easily migrate to Saudi without other legal difficulties and you can also use the certificate anywhere in the Saudi territory. Saudi embassy attestation makes your document more genuine and smooth before the Saudi government.