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Qatar PCC

Qatar, Arab country they grant an official document to its residents who are planning to move to another country, which document is officially called PCC. PCC is a simple form of police clearance certificate. Qatar government provides a PCC to prove that the applicant may or may not have participated or done any illegal activities in the Qatar territory. If the applicant commits any crime or offense he/she is not eligible to get a PCC. Police clearance certificate is also known as good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate, judicial record extracts, etc.. It is an essential need required for all international dealings. To obtain a PCC from Qatar the applicant should submit some required documents in the Qatar police department, because they are the mandatory authority of issuing a PCC certification.

Documents required for applying a PCC in Qatar

  • Passport copy
  • Qatar ID copy
  • Passport Size Photo
  • s

The main aim of PCC is to prove that the person is not harmful to the nation’s interest and the individuals. In this present world every countries strictly requires PCC to restrict the entry of people who pose a risk to the country’s interest. It is a personal record which contains all background details regarding the applicant. The Qatar government issued a PCC to its residents who stayed in the Qatar at least six months.

Some general purposes of obtaining Qatar PCC

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc..
  • For business purposes

If a person plans to settle in another country, he is already a resident in Qatar should submit a Qatar PCC to the destination country to prove that he/ she is not done any unlawful activities in the country which led to the involvement of Qatar police department. This legal verification will help the police officials to check the past activities of the applicant to ensure that he/she may or may not part in any illegal activities.