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Non-Educational Certificate Apostille

Non educational certificate Apostille is a branch of the Apostille, it enhances our communication with the Hague convention countries. The legalization process of documents in Hague convention countries called an Apostille. Apostille attestation is a confirmation process in which all types all non educational documents will legally authenticate in the destination country. Hague convention brought this process to the world, which brought new changes in the field of international communication. In non educational certificate Apostille an official stamp or sticker issued by a Hague convention member country will attach to the document. This process is headed by the destination country’s embassy or consulate, they are the mandatory authority of attestation. The Apostille authentication have some time limit after it it will expire. Non educational certificates include personal certificates and they are it also used for obtaining educational purposes.

Some non educational certificates are listed below

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Experience/ employment certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Salary certificate
  • Single status certificate, etc..

Non educational Apostille is an obligatory process for every overseas travel related to Hague convention counties. Which is applicable in many fields like education, non education, medical, financial etc..

Some general purposes of noneducational certificate Apostille are…

  • To obtain a residence visa or family visa we should take Apostille for the required non educational document like Marriage certificate
  • For job/ employment purposes, you should take Apostille attestation for your experience certificate.
  • Transfer certificate is a necessary need for school admission purposes
  • For migration purposes attestation is a necessary procedure
  • To get equivalent certificates

In every Hague convention country using noneducational documents without Apostille attestation is not permitted. If any person violates it, which is punishable by law. Original document and passport are a necessary requirement for Apostille attestation. Apostille is a legalization process which provide more credibility to your document and keep your document safe and secure. And which will also help us to prove the actuality of the certificate. countries that are not part of Hague convention comes under attestation process.