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MOFA attestation

MOFA is the acronym for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the governing body of a nation that is liable for dealing with the foreign affairs of their nation. You need to take attestation to your certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where you are intending to move. This process will legalize your certificate and your arrival to their nation. The ultimate aim of this attestation is to show that your certificates are real and authentic to any foreign government. There are many uses for which people get their certificates attested from MOFA. The certificates that accept an attestation from MOFA include educational, non-educational and commercial certificates. These certificates can be used for various purposes.

Few accompanying documents need to be presented for getting MOFA attestation done and they are given below:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy.

These basic documents are mandatory when you want attestation from the ministry of foreign affairs. The trustworthiness of documents is increased after this attestation. Before presenting your documents to the MOFA the other department attestation should also be performed. The MOFA attestation is the final step in certificate attestation after which certificates issued from your home country can be used in the destination country without any impediments. Concerning MOFA attestation, the first procedure of original document authentication should be done by the corresponding authority.

MOFA Attestation will help you to achieve your targets from the destination country. The process will authorize your certificates. So that in future you don’t have to bother about any legal ceremonies regarding the authenticity of your certificates. Your certificates will be taken by the officials without doubting your qualifications.

Some of the basic uses of these certificates after MOFA attestation are listed below:

  • For a resident visa in the destination country.
  • Acquiring higher education in top universities and gaining a student visa needs.
  • For getting a work permit and getting jobs.
  • To migrate and settle abroad.
  • To open a new business branch in a destination country etc.

After getting MOFA attestation your certificates become trustworthy and this makes any international dealing easier.The department is liable for letting any individual enter a foreign country without original credentials.
It is also responsible for checking the pre-authentication done by the other department right and real. So make sure you get your certificates attested from the MOFA if you wish to enter and settle in any foreign country.If any country identifies that the certificates are duplicate and not original, they will not grant approval and the person will not get his certificates attested. Moreover, the ministry will take action against the person who has presented a duplicate certificate. It has become a strict procedure that for every person to travel abroad MOFA attestation is expected.