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Medical Certificate Attestation For Kuwait

Medical Certificate Attestation or Legalization is the procedures to be done in a Medical Certificate. Attesting medical certificate is most importantly used to claim sick leave or health care benefits etc. in a foreign country. Medical certificate attestation comes under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. The medical certificate attestation is done on medical certificates to prove its truthfulness. It is a process in which the signature or seal of the authority on the medical certificate is made to be used in foreign countries. The seal and signature on the certificate show that the respective department has certified it and is real.

Some Purposes of Medical Certificate Attestation:

  • For getting medical benefits from the company or Government.
  • For getting medical insurance.
  • To attain leave salary and extension.
  • To justify the reason for long term or short-term absence.

Documents required for Medical Certificate Attestation:

  • Original Medical Certificate.
  • Passport copy.

The procedure of medical certificate attestation has many processes for an individual to receive attestation on medical certificate will be tough process. It must be attested and verified from various authorities. It relies on the country where issued the certificate and where intent to use the certificate.

Medical Certificate Attestation can be done by:

  • Notary Attestation.
  • Home department attestation.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Embassy Attestation.

The necessity for medical certificate attestation is to claim your absence in office or any organisation, claim insurance and especially for Leave extension. The attestation is only done if the certificate is issued by a doctor or a medical consultant. Thus medical certificate attestation is the act of legitimizing medical certificate issued by a doctor. The process of medical certificate attestation is distinct for different countries. The procedures may vary depending upon the country you wish to use the certificate. Before presenting the medical certificate before any office authorizing the medical certificate is necessary.

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