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MEA Apostille

MEA is the acronym given for the Ministry of external affairs.Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the privileged authority to issue Apostille Stamp Sticker to the documents. The Apostilled certificates are valid only in The Hague Convention Countries. The Hague Convention 1961 cancelled the requirement of repeated Legalization of foreign public documents by the governments of member countries. A document apostilled by one-member country of The Hague Convention is approved by all other member countries of the Convention. MEA apostille is done for personal documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, power of attorney, etc. And educational documents like SSLC certificate, HSC certificate, degree certificates.

The MEA apostille is the attestation done by the ministry of external affairs to the documents which are used overseas. MEA apostille is one of the important steps in document authentication. Whichever the document may be the basic documents that need to be submitted is the original certificate along with the passport copy.After getting MEA apostille the certificates will possess a seal and signature of the ministry of external affairs. The seal indicates that the respective authority has validated and approved the document.MEA apostille is used for acquiring visa approval. Thus apostille is required for someone willing to work or study in any country which is part of The Hague convention.

Reasons for getting MEA apostille:

  • For getting an employment visa.
  • Family visa.
  • Business expansion like importing or exporting products.
  • Higher studies etc.

Apostille from MEA can be done after attestation from appropriate State Government authorities. MEA Apostille procedure is needed when a person needs the legalization of his document to be used in a member country of The Hague Convention. The process of Apostille of certificates from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) can be done on all Certificates. The foreign relations of a country are managed by the ministry of external affairs.

The generalized process is given below:

  • Notary Attestation
  • Home Department Attestation or SDM Attestation
  • Apostille

The ministry of foreign affairs apostille is mandatory for people who wish to move overseas. It is the authentication done by the ministry of external affairs which is a government organization.MEA apostille is sent along with your documents and is accepted only in countries part of The Hague convention. This MEA apostille can be utilized in all the member countries of the convention.The MEA apostille is used to determine that your documents are genuine and real. MEAApostille enhances the acceptability of the original certificates in the foreign countries which are part of The Hague convention.