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Marriage Certificate Apostille

Marriage certificate Apostille a type of Apostille attestation and which comes under the category of the noneducational certificate Apostille. A marriage certificate is a legal document which states that two people are legally married and but which issued only after the legal registration of marriage. The marriage certificate Apostille is a legal recognition of a marriage certificate and which will increase the credibility of your marriage certificate in the destination country. If one person takes an Apostille authentication for marriage certificate his/her destination country should be a Hague convention member country. Because Hague convention countries are the exponents of the term Apostille. Now all the Hague convention countries require this legalization process for in their country. An Apostille is a stamp or sticker which will attach to the document to giving Apostille authentication.

Some common reasons for require a marriage certificate Apostille is..

  • For applying Family resident visa
  • For migration
  • While applying passport for your children (if needed)

If you are planning to settle in a Hague convention member country with your family members, to obtain a family visa or resident visa you should take a marriage certificate Apostille from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which is situated in your home country. But in some cases you take an authentication from your home country.

Required documents for applying Marriage Certificate Apostille are…

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Passport copy of couple

The marriage certificate Apostille is a legal necessity while you traveling in a Hague convention country with your family. Once you got a marriage certificate authentication your certificate become applicable to use anywhere in the country. It improves the authenticity of your document and also add the reliability of your document. Every Hague convention country requires a certificate Apostille for immigrant couples. Non member countries of Hague convention comes under attestation process.