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Procedure for Italy Certificate Attestation

Italy is a western European country, renowned for its cultural and environmental tourist spots. The country is well known for its creative and innovative business. It is also a home to a greater number of UNESCO heritage sites. Italy grants various kinds of certificates not only to its citizens, but also for outsiders who lives in the Italian territory. Italy is a highly developed country, so the value of Italian certificates is also very high and it can be used also inside and outside the country. Italian government issues certificates to state or certify certain valid or valuable fact.

Some important types of certificates are listed below

     Educational certificates: Degree certificates, Diploma certificate, HSC certificates, etc. included in this category.  Non educational certificates: birth certificate, marriage certificate, transfer certificate, experience certificate, death certificate, etc.  Commercial certificates: Power of attorney, certificate of incorporation, trade license, etc.

We cannot directly use the Italian certificates in another country’s territory, and some legal requirements are needed before applying. Those procedures are commonly called Attestation and Apostille. The verification process will select according to the destination country where the applicant going to shift.

Apostille: A type of certification issued by the Hague convention member country and in this certification a computer generated square shaped stamp will affix on the reverse side of the certificate.

Attestation: Non member countries of Hague Convention require this attestation process for legalization and a seal or signature is used in this certification. Both procedures are headed by the destination country’s embassy and every type of certificates comes under this recognition process. These procedures will enhance your certificate and make appropriate to apply beyond the boundaries of Italy. Before granting certification the destination embassy will check the originality of the certificate. If the officials found that the document is fake or forged, they will take legal action against the applicant.

Some common needs of legal documentation procedures are

  • Getting personal and professional needs are the main aim of educational documentation which includes needs like job purposes, higher study purposes, visa purposes, etc.
  • Noneducational certificates recognition is used for migration, employment, visa purposes, school admission, etc…
  • Birth certificate attestation is needed for minor persons to obtain a school admission
  • Power of attorney a commercial certificate needed to sell or renew a property.
  • For apply equivalent certificates in another country required noneducational certificate attestation is needed.
  • To open a new branch of the company in abroad a commercial certificate attestation is needed.
  • For attending exams or interviews in a foreign country educational certificate attestation is needed.

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