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Procedure for Indonesia Certificate Attestation

Indonesia is a transcontinental country, mainly in southeast Asia. The Indonesian government provides various kinds of documents to its residents and immigrants who settled in the Indonesian territory. Certificates issued from the Indonesia have great value and the certificate holder can use these certificates for other international purposes also. But before using the certificate should legally verify the certificate from the destination country where the applicant going to shift. There are two types of legal verification procedures and which will provide more authenticity to your document. Officially we those procedures called attestation and Apostille. Countries that are included in the Hague convention recognize the Apostille certification from outside documents. And countries that are not part of the Hague convention recommends attestation verification for immigrants. Both certifications are same in its functions and different in its procedures and process. This process will help the immigrants to add the quality of their document.

Some Important types of certificates are listed below

  • Educational certificates: It provided to students after the successful completion of a study or course.
  • Non educational certificates: In Indonesia, government grants this type of certificate to prove a fact or information. These all are personal documents.
  • Commercial certificates: In Indonesia commercial certificates issues to enhance the foreign trade and business. Which is used to fulfill financial needs.
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In simple words, these two procedures are legal confirmations. Embassy or consulate is the mandatory authority of certification and the embassy officials headed the whole procedures and affix a seal or stamp to the document to make the document eligible for international purposes. Procedures will connect the applicant to his/her destination country. It will assist the applicant to achieve or their needs and wants like for obtaining a job, for achieving higher education, for migration, for getting visa, etc.. We the Genius Group the finest attestation service providers in the Asian continent and give the latest updates about the undergoing attestation procedures to customers. We will help you in achieving your purposes from the destination country.