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HSC Certificate Apostille

The HSC certificate Apostille is a type of certification included in educational certificate Apostille, which type of certification is applicable only in Hague convention member countries. HSC is an abbreviation of Higher secondary Certificate issued by the school authority to students, In India, it have a significant importance because it will help us to achieve higher education or graduate courses. An official stamp or sticker issued by a Hague convention countries embassy is called an Apostille. Apostille attestation is a gateway to the Hague convention countries which make certificate more authenticate and genuine. To apply an HSC certificate verification the applicant should face so many legal proceedings required by the destination country. Embassy or consulate of the destination country is headed the legalization process of Apostille. This process will increase the value of your HSC certificate and also improve the credibility of your certificate. This confirmation process will help us to catch the opportunities and wants from the destination country.

Some general purposes of HSC certificate Apostille

  • For higher study purposes
  • For job/ employment purposes
  • Migration purposes
  • For visa purposes, etc…

If you are planning to take a graduation from an international college situated in a Hague convention country, for that you have to take Apostille attestation for your HSC certificate from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which present in your home country. Every Hague convention country prevents the use of unauthorized documents inside the country. Apostille authentication improves the standard of your certificate and help you complete your needs. HSC certificate is an Indian qualification, but it is not prevalent in other countries, so the Apostille procedure is necessary need for Indian citizens. To obtain an HSC certificate Apostille, we should submit so many required documents in the concerned embassy or consulate. Original certificate and passport copy is required for HSC certificate attestation. Non member country of Hague convention comes under attestation process.