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Divorce Certificate Attestation

Divorce certificate attestation is a part of attestation, which is a sub category included in the noneducational certificate attestation. Divorce certificate is a court decree on the legal dissolution of marriage. A divorce certificate is granted by the court to testify the legal termination of marriage. Attestation is a confirmation process which will make certificate valuable in the destination country. Divorce certificate is a legal document which is required in many fields international communication. In most countries it is issued in English language and it includes all information about the divorce. To obtain a divorce certificate attestation the applicant should follow all information regarding the divorce.

Purposes of Divorce Certificate Attestation are

  • To marry a foreign country’s citizen
  • To prove single status

Divorce certificate attestation is a necessary requirement for above mentioned needs, to obtain these needs from another country a divorce certificate attestation is needed. Attestation adds more trustworthy to your document and it makes your document more valid and valuable in the destination country. Each country has their own mandatory authority and recommended procedures for attestation, the applicant should follow all those steps seriously to attain perfect attestation.

Required documents for attesting a Divorce certificate

  • Original Marriage certificate
  • Passport copy

To obtain a good certificate attestation the applicant should submit all required documents in the concerned embassy or consulate. Every country strictly prohibits the usage of unattested documents inside the country. Attestation helps the destination country’s authority to know the custodian of records carries the original document. It is a necessary procedure for all overseas travel it makes your travel easier and faster. All foreign countries asking attestation verification to avoid complications in future. In some cases, divorce certificate also used for financial purposes. Validity of attestation is based upon the issuing country and in some countries it has unlimited validity.