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Divorce Certificate Apostille

The divorce certificate Apostille is a type of Apostille comes under the category of non educational certificate Apostille and required in every Hague convention country. A divorce certificate is a judicial declaration on a legal termination of marriage, which grants to couples. A divorce certificate is a legal document which includes all information regarding the couples. The Apostille is the first and the foremost step to reach in a Hague convention country. Embassy or consulate of the destination country will issue an Apostille attestation. Divorce certificate Apostille proves that his/ her marriage legally cancelled and live with single status. So he/ she will be eligible for another marriage. Apostille attestation is a gateway to Apostille nations. Divorce certificate is issued from the same country where the marriage has taken place. It is a judicial separation of marriage. Apostille attestation increases the value of your certificate and also make your certificate credibility.

Some common purposes of Divorce Certificate Apostille are

  • To marry a foreign country’s citizen
  • To prove single status
  • For financial purposes

The usage of a divorce certificate without Apostille attestation is strictly prohibited in Hague convention countries. Once your certificate is authenticated from the destination country through the Apostille process, so you can use it anywhere in your destination country. When a person wants to marry a foreign citizen in a Hague convention country and he/she have been already divorced, so he/she has to submit an attested divorce certificate in the destination country which present in his/her home country. The validity of the Apostille is based upon the destination country where the certificate holder plans to go. In simple word, it is a legal confirmation process and the concerned authority will issue verification with their official seal or signature which will attach to the document. Non member countries of Hague convention comes under attestation process.