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Diploma Certificate Attestation

A Diploma certificate or certification issued by a college/ university/ educational institution to certify that the student has successfully completed his/her education from that particular educational institution. Diploma certificate attestation is an important type of educational certificate attestation, in which a designated authority/ person/ department will provide authentication through attestation. It is a legal verification process which makes your Diploma certificate legally authenticate in the destination country and they issue an attestation with their official seal or signature. In most countries embassy is the responsible authority of issuing attestation. A diploma is a study which will take two or three years duration. Diploma certificate includes all academic details regarding of the student such as courses of study, marks or grades obtained, name of the institution, year of study, etc..

Common purposes of Diploma Certificate Attestation are given below :

  • To obtain a job in a foreign country
  • To get an employment visa or residence visa
  • For higher purposes
  • To take admission from a foreign university
  • For migration purposes

If a person plans to go abroad for higher study purposes, to obtain an admission in a foreign country the applicant has to take a diploma certificate attestation from the destination country’s embassy or consulate, which present in his/her home country. Attestation adds more value to your certificate and enhance your educational qualification in the destination country. Diploma certificate attestation is an important activity, but which have certain validity after the validity it will get expire. In todays world, every country strictly requires educational certificate attestation to know that the custodian of records carries the original document. Certificate attestation is an integral part of international communication and it will help your overseas travel easy without other complications. Diploma certificate attestation enhance or recognize your educational qualification in the destination country.