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Commercial Certificate Attestation

Commercial certificate attestation an indispensable process required when one plans to relocate in another country for business purposes. In commercial certificate attestation a designated authority will verify the authenticity of your commercial certificate. Attestation adds more credibility to your document and which will provide more value to your certificate. Commercial certificate attestation will make your international business more rich and prosperous. Commercial certificate is a credential document granted by a mandatory authority to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset, etc.. Commercial certificate attestation is a license or permit which will help the certificate holder to start a business in abroad. There are different types of commercial certificate, which is varied by its functions and purposes.

Some important commercial documents are listed below

  • Power of attorney
  • Certificate of origin
  • Invoice
  • Certificate of incorporation, etc..

Commercial certificate is an official file signed by a designated person/ authority/ departments of the embassy of the destination country. Commercial certificate is an integral part of foreign trade, but it applicable in the destination country only after the attestation process.

Purposes of commercial certificate attestation.

  • To start a new business branch in abroad
  • To give the power and authority to sell a property
  • Register and renew any property or any vehicle from the owner to an authorized person
  • To open a bank account in the destination country
  • For foreign trade

In the past years attestation reached its dizzy heights because of its rich functions and purposes. Commercial certificate attestation is a gateway to your business fields. Attestation acts as a bridge between you and your destination country. Commercial certificate is a vital record required in every foreign trade. It makes your document valid and valuable in the destination country. To obtain a good certificate attestation the applicant first take a home country attestation. Before giving attestation the concerned authority will check the authenticity of the certificate.