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Certificate Attestation

People travel to different countries in search of better opportunities, education etc which is happening very commonly now. As of that case, attestation is an important process to be done for using the documents in a different country other than the country of origin. Certificate attestation is the process of verifying documents for international usage. Attesting all the certificates is obligatory when a person is travelling to international countries. There are different types of certificate attestation.

Types of certificate attestation:

  • Educational certificate attestation.
  • Non-educational certificate attestation.
  • Commercial certificate attestation.

The purpose of different certificate attestation varies. Educational documents include certificates l class="text-justify"ike degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate etc. Non-educational documents are those of the personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, experience certificate, salary certificate etc. commercial documents includes all the documents of trading, business, financial matters etc.

Common purposes of certificate attestation:-

  • To study abroad.
  • For employment purposes.
  • For migration.
  • To start a business.
  • To open a bank account.
  • For admissions.
  • For attaining visa (resident visa, dependant visa).

There are various purposes for why people tend to get certificate attestation. It is mainly depending on the personal and professional needs of an individual. The procedures for educational, non-educational and commercial certificate attestation vary slightly. There are concerned departments for those of different certificates, and verification from those departments is necessary for considering the documents legitimate.

Mainly required documents for certificate attestation:

  • Original certificate.
  • Passport copy.

Procedures of certificate attestation:-

Educational certificates:

  • SDM (sub-divisional magistrate)/ HRD (human resource department).
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).

Non-educational certificate attestation:

  • Notary.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).

Commercial certificate attestation:

  • Chamber of commerce.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).

It is very important to do above mentioned procedures correctly by the applicant according to which form of certificate has to be attested. The concerned authority doing verification fixes a seal and signature on the required documents. This process completes the authentication of certificates. Every individual who wants to travel abroad has to follow up the certificate attestation procedures. This brings up more accessibility to the certificates of immigrant which helps to attain his/her purposes. After attesting, the documents can be widely used in the destination countries. It also prevents any problems regarding documentation in migrating countries. Certificate attestation is mainly need of the destination country to safeguard from illegal documentation from immigrants. Following up the attestation process will helps the individual to prove genuinity of documents.