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Procedure for BVI Certificate Attestation

British Virgin Islands simply called as BVI, a group of Islands and also a great tourist destination. The BVI is a self governing Island and they provide different types of certificates to its residents and immigrants to certify or authenticate some information or fact. To use the BVI documents in another country the certificate holder should face certain legal procedures. Procedures are obligatory process, which includes two legal procedures, first is attestation and the second is Apostille. Both are legal verification process, but Apostille attestation is necessary only in Hague convention country’s. Both are necessary procedure which will enhance your foreign communication. Hague convention brought this new phrase Apostille to the world and nowadays it is world widely accepted. Countries that are not part of the Hague convention falls under embassy attestation. Both documentations are same by its functions and purposes, but it differs from its mode of attestation and issuing country. Every type of documents needed this legalization process and it will remain at a certain validity after that it will expire.

Some important types of certificates are listed below

  • Educational certificates: BVI provides educational documents to students but only after the successful completion of a study or course.
  • Non educational certificates: BVI granted noneducational certificate to certify or authenticate which may be a fact or information and it includes all the personal documents.
  • Commercial certificates: BVI provides issue commercial certificate to enhance the foreign trade and business.

Embassy attestation and Apostille plays a vital role in enhancing your international communication. It is an integral part of international communication which make your overseas travel easy and it also avoids complications to use BVI certificates beyond the BVI boundaries.