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Visa Stamping

Visa is an official declaration granted by the destination country to immigrants who are going to shift or relocate in their country. The word visa is a Latin term which means ‘a paper has been seen’ and embassy officials will execute all the procedures of visa stamping. In common, it is a legal permission and final approval, which will make immigrant eligible to enter in that particular destination country. In this procedure, a visa stamp issued by the destination embassy will affix inside the passport of the applicant is called visa stamping. Visa stamp includes the duration of your stay in that particular destination country and the visa will expire after the time period which will mentioned in the visa stamp.

Types of visas are listed below

  • 1. Visiting visa
  • 2. Transit visa
  • 3. Tourist visa
  • 4. Business visa
  • 5. Student visa
  • 6. Job visa
  • 7. Residence visa are some of them.

These above mentioned are the types of visa which will issued on the basis of the purpose of the applicant. After the validity of the visa the immigrant is not allowed to stay in that country, so the immigrant should renew the visa or wish to return again with a validate visa. Visa a legal certification to travel or stay in the destination and it will enable applicant throughout the country. Visa is an integral part in all international communication and every immigrant should carry a authenticate visa for international dealings. Visa granted to non-citizens, and which is a clearance to enter a country within specified constraints.

Visa Processing Details:

The applicant should apply first in the concerned embassy for getting a valuable visa and purpose is the basic factor visa. There are many documents required for obtaining a visa stamp from the intended country where the applicant plans to relocate or shift. The embassy officials will check the immigrant details before providing their visa. The style, size and shape of the of visa will change according to the destination country.