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Police Clearance Certificate

PCC an abbreviation of Police clearance certificate, which make new changes in the field of international affairs. PCC is a legal document which is issued to certify that the applicant is not taking part in any illegal or unlawful activity. It is an essential document necessary for every international communication. The police department is the mandatory authority of issuing PCC, but they issue a PCC but only after the strict verification of the applicant’s past activities. Every foreign country requires an official PCC to know about the immigrant person that whether he/she is harmful to the nations interest or society. A police clearance certificate is issued by the police authority of a country where the applicant stayed in the last six months. The term police clearance certificate is changed from country to country, it is also known as in others synonyms like good contact certificate, good citizen certificates, judicial record extracts, PCC, etc.. Police clearance certificate is required in many fields.

Some general purposes of obtaining Police clearance certificate

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For business purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc..

PCC will help the destination country’s officials by giving a clarification about the immigrant person. It is a personal record which provides all background details regarding the applicant such as the person may or mat not have any police cases, court proceedings, arrests, judicial convictions, etc.. If any person commits any crime or offense in the country, he is eligible for a Police clearance certificate. In simple words, it is a certification which gives more identity to a person. Every country requires PCC from immigrant persons to restrict the entry of the criminals in the country and prohibit the arrival of persons who pose a risk not only to the country’s security but also for its citizens security. It is a first and the foremost document required for every international communication.