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Marriage Certificate Attestation

A Marriage certificate is a credential document which is used to certify that two people are legally married. A Marriage certificate is a legal proof issued by the government authorities/ departments of your home country to prove the marriage has taken place or legally approved. A marriage certificate is a personal document, which contains all details regarding the couples such as the name of the couple, age of the couple, date of marriage, place where the marriage occurred etc.. Attestation is legalization process and our international communication, every foreign dealings require attestation process and which will make your overseas travel easier and faster. Attestation is an obligatory process, in which a designated person/authority/ department will issue an authentication with their official seal or signature. Marriage certificate attestation is used for obtaining many needs.

Some common reasons for require marriage certificate attestation are..

  • For applying Family resident visa
  • For migration
  • While applying passport for your children (if needed)

If one person plans to settle in a another with his spouse, for that he has to submit an attested marriage certificate in the destination country’s to prove that they are legally married couples. Attestation process will add more trustworthy to your document, attestation process is varied from country to country and also its validity will be changed. To attain a good attestation the applicant should follow all the steps required by the destination country.

Required documents for applying Marriage Certificate Attestation are…

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Passport copy of couple

If your certificate attestation is done not in a proper manner, you should face difficulties in future dealings. Attestation is an important activity which gives more reliability to your marriage certificate. Nowadays, every country requires for couples who are going in other country, attestation control the use of illegal documents inside the country.