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Legal Translation

Legal Translation is necessary procedure required by some GCC countries, it is process occurred in the field of law. In which a supreme authority will legally convert a certificate into other country’s official language. A specialized law translator is headed the whole translation process.

Legal translation in document happens at 2 points

  • Country of origin
  • Intended country

Country of origin:- If the document is not in English and which is granted by the home country of the certificate holder, the document should firstly translate into English after that it will be attested.

Intended country:- In every country certificates are granted in English language, but in some GCC countries English certificates are not permitted to use because Arabic is the official language of GCC. So the required documents are translated into Arabic, but only after MEF (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation. It is not a necessary procedure, but it is prevalent in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

Legal Translation is a vital part of international communication and which will assist the officials to understand the content of the document easily. Before this legal procedure, we should take home country attestation for the required documents. It is necessary for all types of documents like educational, noneducational and commercial. It is a solution for verbal barriers and make your easy. Destination country demands this legal translation for documents to make the overseas travel easy, but in some countries it is not necessary. Legal permission from the side of mandatory authorities is needed for legal translation. Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia are the main users of this procedure. It makes the verification process easier and faster, because it will officials to understand the document easier. Through legal translation a document, converts into required countries official language. A document issued from home country contains the official language home country and destination country does allow our home countries, so we should translate the document into another intended countries language. Legal Translation has many purposes and it depends upon the type of certificate. In simple, legal translation is the translation within the field of law.