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Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree certificate a graduate level certificate, which helps to prove that the applicant successfully completed his/her graduation. Degree certificate attestation, a category of educational certificate attestation in which the designated authority/ person/ department will legally authenticate a degree certificate with their official seal or signature. In simple words, it is a confirmation process and which will make your certificate valid and valuable in the destination country. In most countries embassy is the highest and mandatory authority of issuing attestation. Degree certificate is issued by the college or universities which includes all information regarding the particular persons graduation and which help you to prove your qualification like grades or marks obtained, course of study, name of the institution, etc..

Types of Degree certificates include :

  • B. Tech
  • BBA
  • BA
  • BCA
  • B. Com
  • B. Sc, etc..

An original degree certificate is required for attaining a degree certificate attestation, attestation have a certain validity, but it depends upon the issuing country. Once you got certificate attestation, your certificate becomes applicable anywhere in the intended country where you are going to use those certificates. Degree certificate attestation helps the applicant to fulfill their personal and professional needs which include needs like migration purpose, job purposes, higher study purposes, visa purposes, etc.. Degree certificate attestation is also necessary for attending an exam or an interview in abroad. To obtain a job in abroad the applicant should degree certificate attestation from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which is present in your home country. Attestation makes your international dealings easy and avoid complications in future dealings. Attestation procedures may include several proceedings and the applicant should follow all those steps for good certificate attestation. Educational certificate attestation is an obligatory process required for all overseas travel. It will add the credibility of your document.