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Death Certificate Attestation

Death certificate attestation is a verification issued for a death certificate, it’s a branch of noneducational certificate attestation. A death certificate is a medical statement issued by a qualified doctor to legally confirm a person’s death and which contains all details about death such as when and how the death happened. It includes all information regarding the died person person like the name of the person, date of birth, date of death, place where the death happened, the reason for death, verification sign by the doctor, etc.. Death certificate attestation is received by the died persons family members and relatives, to obtaining some needs which related to that died person.

Required documents for applying Death certificate attestation are

  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Original death certificate

Death certificate attestation is a confirmation process done by the destination country, in which a designated authority will check to ensure that the person mentioned death certificate was died and they verify the certificate with their official seal or signature. In most countries, the embassy is the mandatory authority of issuing attestation, but in some countries it is headed by the consulate. Death certificate attestation will help the family members or relatives to attain their abroad needs and which will add more reliability to your certificate. The death certificate attestation is needed mainly for financial purposes. For example, a person has a property in a foreign country, after the death of that particular person his son wants to sell that property, for that he has to submit an attested death certificate of his father to prove his property ownership, it issued by the intended country’s embassy which present in your home country. But in some country’s home country verification is required for attestation. In simple words, it is a clarification process in which a mandatory authority in the embassy will elucidate that the certificate is original. Death certificate attestation is an important activity required acquiring some needs without the presence of that particular dead person.