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Birth Certificate Attestation

The Birth certificate is a vital document which is used to certify the birth of a child and which contains all information regarding a child’s birth, such as name, place, sex, date of birth and parentage of the child. The Birth certificate is a sub category of non educational certificate attestation and it have a significant importance in international communication. Birth is a first and the basic document of a child, which is used to recognize that child as a member of the community. The Birth certificate is an official document and which is granted by the government authority. Attestation issued on birth certificate is known as a birth certificate attestation. Birth certificate attestation is required for minor persons which means persons under the age of 18. Because birth certificate is the only document to prove their identity. Birth certificate attestation helps the applicant to fulfill their abroad needs.

The Birth certificate attestation required many purposes like

  • For getting a family visa
  • For school admission purposes of children in foreign countries
  • For employment purposes
  • Higher study purposes
  • Migration purposes, etc..

The birth certificate is an essential document and attestation give more credibility your document. By attestation destination country’s officials are happy to accept that our certificates are trustful. If you are planning to take an admission from the foreign country for your child, to obtain an admission from the foreign school you have to submit an attested birth certificate in the destination country be attested from the destination country’s embassy situated in your home country. It is a personal document and used very widely in school admission purposes. It have a certain validity, but it changes according to the issuing country, but in some country it have unlimited validity. Nowadays every country requires this attestation process to check the actuality of the certuificate.