Kuwait PCC

Kuwait, an Arab country they grant a PCC to its residents who are going to another country to specify that the person is not taking part in any illegal activities in Kuwait territory. PCC is an abbreviation of Police clearance certificate, in Kuwait it is issued by the police department to enumerate that the applicant commits any offense or crime an act which is harmful not only to individuals but also to the community. In Kuwait the PCC is granted to residents who stayed in Kuwait at least six months. PCC has a certain validity, after that it will expire. There are so many requirements needed for applying a Kuwait PCC.

Documents required to obtain Kuwait PCC

  • Fingerprints-Attested by Kuwait Embassy
  • Request letter from the Embassy of the country in which you are going to relocate
  • Passport copy
  • Kuwait Residence page copy
  • Blue Background color Passport Size photo (Recent)

In Kuwait police department is responsible for issuing a police clearance certificate, but they will issue the PCC certification but only after the strict verification and it will take some time period. Police clearance certificate also known as in other synonymous terms like good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate, judicial record extracts. It will used for maintaining your international communication, it will add more credibility to the applicant.

Some general purposes of obtaining Kuwait PCC

  • For job/ employment purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • For higher study purposes, etc..
  • For business purposes

A police clearance certificate is a strongest pillar in every international communication. The sole function of a PCC is to check that the applicant has any criminal records inside the Kuwait territory like arrest, conviction, court proceedings and other legal issues. If the person commit any of these activities he/she is not eligible for a PCC.