Attestation is a certification or authentication, which is an essential part of international communication. The Certificate attestation is an obligatory process, which required for overseas travel, in which the destination country’s embassy will issue verification with their official seal or signature, but only after the strict verification process. Attestation makes the document reliable in the destination country. In the present world, every country requires certificate attestation to know the authenticity of the document, through the attestation process the destination country will happy to accept our documents are genuine. Attestation is required for every type of documents, but documents required for applying a certificate attestation is depends upon the type of certificates and the country of issuing.

Types of certificates which required Attestation :

For attaining a good certificate attestation the applicant should follow the certain legal proceedings required by the destination country. Certificate attestation helps to prove that the custodian of records carries the original documents. Attestation is a gateway to your destination country, which help you to fulfill your dreamy needs. It is garden of opportunity and it fixes wings for your dreams. Certificate attestation is an used for many purposes like migration purposes, job purposes, higher education purposes, visa purposes, business purposes, school admission purposes, etc.. Now all countries require certificate attestation to prohibit the usage of unauthorized documents inside the country. Through attestation procedure your document became more genuine and legally approved in the intended country where you are going to use this certificate. This process will keep your document more secure and safe in the destination country. If you are planning to relocate in another country your personal documents need to be verified by the destination country which make your travel easy without any complications. In simple words, we can say it is an act of confirmation.